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Other at Intersection Of Allen St & Rowe St, Roslindale

Police should just drive around with their sirens on. That would be better than the sound of fireworks.
OPENED 6 minutes ago #101003336875

Other at 11 Segel St, Jamaica Plain

Loud partying in this general area. Please make jp it stop.
OPENED 6 minutes ago #101003336874

Other at 70 Monument St, Charlestown

The fireworks show goes on again. Who needs the Charles display tomorrow
OPENED 9 minutes ago #101003336872

Other at Intersection Of Brown Ave & Palfrey St, Roslindale

OPENED 9 minutes ago #101003336873

Park Lights at No Location Specified

Permit available: No | Are all lights off: No | Scattered light outage: No | Additional Info: all the lights are turned and are suppose to go off at 11 pm | Park owner: BPRD
OPENED 14 minutes ago #101003336870

Other at Intersection Of Sumner Sq & Sumner St, Dorchester

Can police please just drive around with sirens on, better than hearing fireworks please
OPENED 14 minutes ago #101003336869

Other at Intersection Of Prospect Ave & Johnswood Rd, Roslindale

Please stop with the fireworks. Let me guess... if you're setting them off, you're pro military and police (yay 4th!, which isn't even supposed to be about the military and police) but don't give a shit about anyone with PTSD.
OPENED 14 minutes ago #101003336868

Other at 28 Porter St, 1, East Boston

This restaurant needs to turn their music down. No one in this house can sleep! What the hell its past 11 and they have many people out on the back patio not following any protocols. This has to stop!
OPENED 16 minutes ago #101003336867

Other at 1 City Hall Plz

Marty I hope you will never sleep again
OPENED 17 minutes ago #101003336866

Other at 312 E Eighth St, South Boston

Fireworks being done this late !! Please send someone
OPENED 19 minutes ago #101003336865

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