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Schedule a Bulk Item Pickup at 69 Mountain Ave, Dorchester

Date of scheduled pickup: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 *** Item requested for a collection: [TV (0) Air Conditioner (0) Refrigerator/Freezer (2) Water Cooler (0) Dehumidifier (0) Computer Monitor (0) | Trash day: Monday | Curbside pickup or...
OPENED 2 minutes ago #101002287609

Rodent Sighting at 47 N Margin St

Number of rats: 1 | Rat bites: No | Rats in the house: No | Rats outside of property: Yes | What is the nature of the problem? : "rat sighting just now... he went into 47 N Margin!"
OPENED 2 minutes ago #101002287608

Overflowing Trash Can at 9 W Broadway, South Boston

Type of litter basket: Solar Powered (Big Belly) | Details: "Trash Barrel full at 9. West Broadway for a few days."
OPENED 4 minutes ago #101002287607

Other at 222 W Canton St

Boston gas left Pilon
OPENED 9 minutes ago #101002287606
Other at 222 W Canton St

Illegal Parking at 221 Newbury St

OPENED 10 minutes ago #101002287604
Illegal Parking at 221 Newbury St

Illegal Parking at 653 E Seventh St, South Boston

Grey Subaru - NY plate BMP 1179 Blocking active driveway at 654 E 7th Please tow immediately
OPENED 10 minutes ago #101002287605

Street Lights at 177 London St, East Boston

In the parking lot between London st and havre st all the lights are out it is very dark
OPENED 11 minutes ago #101002287603

Overflowing Trash Can at Intersection Of Columbia Rd & M St, South Boston

Trash can on beach has been overflowing for two days
OPENED 12 minutes ago #101002287602

Illegal Parking at 561 579 Centre St, Jamaica Plain

The derelict gas station at 561 Centre is being used illegally as a parking lot for Arbour Hospital. This parcel is in the 1996 Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Overlay and cannot legally be operated as a parking lot. Furthermore, Arbour Hospit...
OPENED 15 minutes ago #101002287601

Dead Tree Removal at 96 Ruskindale Rd, Mattapan

Is this a City owned tree situated on the sidewalk? Yes | Comments: The tree, a large maple, seems to be dying. It keeps dropping branches on the street, sidewalk, our cars and in our front yard. It was pruned a few years ago, to remove b...
OPENED 15 minutes ago #101002287600

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