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Park Maintenance at No Location Specified

SR Area: Ground Maintenance | Description of the problem: The Basketball courts, playground and baseball fields are full of trash. Posts holding basketball boards are bent, rims are bent as well.
OPENED almost 11 years ago #101000119131

Park Maintenance at No Location Specified

Description of the problem: There are ALWAYS 2-3 homeless and drinking people in this little park between 7/11 and the Emack and Bolios. It's a heavy tourist are in front of the Aquarium and it's frightening at night to walk by there.
OPENED almost 11 years ago #101000117615

Park Maintenance at Phelps, James

SR Type: Snow/Ice | SR Area: Support Services | Description of the problem: unshovelled walks alongside dog park area at Boylston and Park Dr. Caller took bad fall and ended up w/ serious wrist injury. Adds that this area is never cleared...
OPENED about 11 years ago #101000103500

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