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Sidewalk at 80 Dartmouth St

Missing bricks |
OPENED about 14 hours ago #101003711602

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Avondale St & Richmond St, Dorchester

Please fix the handicap ramp. The asphalt laid down over the concrete lasts 6 months and then falls apart. Elderly pedestrians are getting their walkers stuck in the cracks. | What is the cause of damage: [Normal deterioration] What mat...
OPENED 1 day ago #101003711102

Sidewalk at 23 Harris St

Piece missing from sidewalk. Please repair. |
OPENED 1 day ago #101003711100

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Arlington St & Herald St, Roxbury

This crack in the curb cut makes it very difficult for our stroller (and likely wheelchairs too). |
OPENED 1 day ago #101003711098

Sidewalk at 150 Charles St

Bricks missing in sidewalk at 144 Charles St. in front of Panificio bistro |
CLOSED Case Resolved. 4 spots repaied. - 1 day ago #101003704691

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Seventh St & Third Ave, Charlestown

OPENED 1 day ago #101003710223

Sidewalk at 460 Shawmut Ave, Roxbury

OPENED 1 day ago #101003710213

Sidewalk at 238 236 W Canton St

The concrete berm around the tree well didn't even last one year. As a result the sidewalk bricks are starting to fall into the tree well. It is again becoming a trip hazard. This needs a permanent granite type curb around the tree well l...
OPENED 1 day ago #101003710212

Sidewalk at 38 Fairfield St, Apt 5

Please find attached. There is a large couple inch wide and deep hole in the sidewalk outside of 237 Newbury st, it?s by the tree and mailbox. We?ve seen lots of people trip and even fall due to this. |
OPENED 1 day ago #101003710209

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Summer St & Dorchester Ave

The sidewalk is destroyed at both sides of this intersection corner, ironically including the wheelchair accessible curbcut. The sidewalk is not level and I am pregnant walking this path every day for my work commute with several instance...
CLOSED Noted. Case 101002461975 will be used as there is an accompanying picture. - 2 days ago #101003019938

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