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Sidewalk at 124 Beacon St, Gf

Additional information: Uneven sidewalk. Tripping hazard. Could you please spray paint area with yellow/orange until temperatures are right to repair the area?
OPENED 3 days ago #101002777719

Sidewalk at 1640 Washington St, Roxbury

What is the cause of damage? Other | Additional information: Constituent states that the bricks are cracked and broken and missing | What material is the sidewalk made from? Brick
OPENED 3 days ago #101002777724

Sidewalk at 72 Chestnut St

Additional information: Broken
CLOSED Case Noted. The City is not responsible for maintaining the walls around tree pits. - 4 days ago #101002776531

Sidewalk at 105 107 Beach St

CLOSED Case Noted. Sidewalk is an areaway and the property owners responsibility. - 4 days ago #101002776530

Sidewalk at 141 149 Dartmouth St

OPENED 5 days ago #101002776793

Sidewalk at 5 Putnam St, Charlestown

Additional information: Cracked broken sidewalk with water turn off exposed an inch above the sidewalk level. Tripping hazard.
OPENED 5 days ago #101002776525

Sidewalk at 12 Olmstead St, Jamaica Plain

What is the cause of damage? Normal deterioration | Additional information: Constituent states the sidewalk,needs repair at the base of the front of the exterior stairway | What material is the sidewalk made from? Concrete
CLOSED Case Noted. This is the responsibility of the property owner. When the was was installed, the sidewalk was damaged. Not PWD responsibility. - 5 days ago #101002775084

Sidewalk at 45 Ridgemont St, Allston

Additional information: This tree roots keeps growing the sidewalk has been pated before has broken off. Serious trip hazard
OPENED 6 days ago #101002775976

Sidewalk at 43 45 Devonshire St

What is the cause of damage? Construction | Additional information: Constituent reports a large hole in the sidewalk at the location listed. They note that there is scaffolding that has been left up for years, which further inhibts pedest...
CLOSED Case Noted. No code enforcement violation found at this time. - 9 days ago #101002774278

Sidewalk at Intersection Of River St & Mount Vernon St

Additional information: Several bricks around the pipe in front of our door continuously come out of place, causing tripping hazards from the loose bricks and the holes they leave. This is directly in front of our (Hill House, a community...
OPENED 9 days ago #101002774279

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