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Traffic Signal at Milton St Cedar Grove Boston

Corner of Milton St and Neponset Valley Parkway in Hyde Park. The lights are not changing or missing cycles.
OPENED about 11 hours ago #101003711786

Traffic Signal at Intersection Of Park St & Tremont St

Lights are stuck on Red. Notified Traffic Signal @ 7:09am. | Type of problem: [Light is not changing]
CLOSED Case Resolved. Intersection back online running normal operation. - about 11 hours ago #101003711658

Traffic Signal at Intersection Of Charlesgate E & Charlesgate

The traffic light at Charlesgate E (Newbury St. extension) and Commonwealth Ave is too short. It used to be that 5 or 6 cars could get through the light and now it's only three cars. This is made worse due to the construction on Newbury...
OPENED 1 day ago #101003711421

Traffic Signal at Intersection Of City Hall Plz & Court St

the balance of the lights where the green from court to tremont and the green from cambridge to tremont is a disaster. Any one trying to get to 1 Beacon from Court is in grave danger | Signal problem: [Traffic] Type of problem: [Other]...
CLOSED Case Noted. The approach from Court St and the approach from Cambridge St each have their own receiving lanes south of this intersection. Specific care was taken to design an extended area south of the crosswalk to delay mixing and merging of vehicles in order to improve sightlines and organize motorist behaviors. This is a condition which occurs frequently around the City. Motorists are expected to proceed into the proper and designated receiving lane, and then to look carefully and signal properly before changing lanes. - 1 day ago #101003495358

Traffic Signal at 8 Tremont St

Please do something about the light where Cambridge street meets Tremont street. Early in the morning, I’m not sure if it is on a timer or a sensor or a combination, but before 6am you can sit at this red light for upwards of ten minutes....
CLOSED Case Noted. Thank you for submitting your concern to us. The conditions observed may have been caused by technical issues related to utility work or construction downtown. As part of the Connect Downtown project, this intersection was recently rephased and retimed so as to improve safety for pedestrians, provide a separated bicycle facility, and process vehicles more efficiently. - 1 day ago #101002667614

Traffic Signal at 306 Berkeley St

There needs to be a longer delay in the light on Beacon & Berkeley. Cars often race the yellow/red to get onto Storrow causing awful crashes (one of which happened last night -6/4).
CLOSED Case Noted. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The time given where the signal is displaying red on both approaches has been extended to provide time for vehicles to clear out of the intersection before the next street is given the green. This change in time is not intended to satisfy the time needed should a motorist choose to run the red light and obstruct the intersection or cause a dangerous situation for other drivers, however. - 1 day ago #101002925204

Traffic Signal at 8 Gloucester St

Is it a traffic or pedestrian signal problem: [Pedestrian Signal] What is the problem with the traffic signal: [Controller/Timing Issues] Please explain: [There should NOT be an automatic walk-only sign for this light for pedestrians ev...
CLOSED Case Noted. This is an internal intersection of the Back Bay neighborhood. The pedestrian phase is set for the area based on the time of day, with considerations that the street grid and environment nearby are dense, walkable spaces. We understand that not seeing a pedestrian present when the WALK signal is being served can be somewhat confusing. However, our automated counts and visual observations confirm that there are numerous pedestrians in this area who need a safe time to cross the intersection. A traffic study of the Back Bay area might be warranted in order to investigate why such high vehicular volumes are being experienced on a secondary street such as Marlborough. - 1 day ago #101002915306

Traffic Signal at 842 Beacon St

Adding a traffic light at intersection of beacon st and miner st because cars do not stop for pedestrians to cross.
CLOSED Case Noted. This has been noted and will be considered during future updates. - 1 day ago #101002827344

Traffic Signal at Intersection Of Columbia Rd & Quincy St, Dorchester

BPD says lights aare off signal timing causing traffic issues. | Type of problem: [Controller/Timing Issues]
OPENED 1 day ago #101003710802

Traffic Signal at Intersection Of Merrimac St & New Chardon St

Traffic coming from tunnel/surface road needs a longer green at Merrimack/New Chardon
OPENED 1 day ago #101003710442
Traffic Signal at Intersection Of Merrimac St & New Chardon St

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