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Sidewalk at 30 E Concord St, 2, Roxbury

The bricks have completely come off the sidewalk. It's very dangerous! |
OPENED 9 days ago #101003373955

Sidewalk at 79 Leyden St, East Boston

Side walk is staring to crake in front of house near stairs when the contractor fix it two years ago water builds up and make a major puddle of water in front of stairs can you please have the contractor come by and fix thank you so much...
CLOSED Closed date : 2020-07-31 13:26:08.797. - 9 days ago #101002216121

Sidewalk at 6 Paula Rd, Mattapan

Broken sidewalk needs to be replaced |
OPENED 11 days ago #101003371679

Sidewalk at 35 Spaulding St, Dorchester

Sidewalk broken sinking in ground |
OPENED 11 days ago #101003371580

Sidewalk at 21 Merchants Row, 1

Bricks continuously falling off, people have been tripping over bricks, very dangerous |
OPENED 12 days ago #101003370353

Sidewalk at 141 Pembroke St, Roxbury

A utility Co did work nearby early in 2020, and left the bricks loose. Needs sand & compacting. |
OPENED 13 days ago #101003369329

Sidewalk at 33 Myrtle St

Many Bricks are missing on sidewalk and it is very dangerous at night to walk. Alot of Elderly on this Street. | What is the cause of damage: [Other]
OPENED 13 days ago #101003369326

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Union St & Rutherford Ave, Charlestown

Sidewalk is sticking up tripping hazard |
OPENED 13 days ago #101003368666

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Yarmouth St & Carleton St

After over 4 months since I first reported, absolutely nothing has been done to resolve this broken sidewalk. It has gotten worse and is now completely impossible to navigate in a wheelchair. I have to go into the street where cars come a...
OPENED 13 days ago #101003368663

Sidewalk at 93 Charles St

There are bricks missing that have left a deep hole in the sidewalk. It is a danger to people walking. It has already been reported and is still not fixed. |
OPENED 13 days ago #101003368662

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