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Sidewalk at 234 Huntington Ave

Additional information: I am in a wheelchair and pass over this spot daily. Sometimes my wheels get caught in the broken spot and I almost fall out of my chair. Please fix. Thanks
OPENED 6 days ago #101003296388

Sidewalk at 121 Pleasantview St, Hyde Park

What is the cause of damage? Normal deterioration | Additional information: Cracked sidewalk by wooden pole | What material is the sidewalk made from? Concrete
CLOSED Case Noted. location made safe. - 7 days ago #101003121959

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Chestnut St & Charles St

Additional information: Missing bricks. Please make safe.
OPENED 7 days ago #101003296004

Sidewalk at 61 Beacon St, 5

Additional information: Missing sidewalk bricks. Please make safe
OPENED 7 days ago #101003295998

Sidewalk at 550 Tremont St, Roxbury

Additional information: Bricks are all loose and are a tripping hazard
OPENED 7 days ago #101003295985

Sidewalk at 85 Pearl St, Charlestown

Additional information: This crack has been here for years I've reported it twice once the city filled it with asphalt, lasted one season, last report , over a year ago it was out on a list. It's a tripping hazard!
OPENED 7 days ago #101003295977

Sidewalk at 483 Beacon St, 11

Additional information: The sidewalk on the whole block is pretty damaged
OPENED 7 days ago #101003295975

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Garden St & Revere St

Additional information: Some bricks are loose and some are missing
OPENED 7 days ago #101003295971

Sidewalk at 160 Charles St

Additional information: By 149 Charles Street Boston
OPENED 11 days ago #101003293018

Sidewalk at 78 Charles St, 1

Additional information: In front of 78 Charles Street
OPENED 11 days ago #101003293013

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