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Tree Emergencies at 4 Fountain St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

What public way is blocked: Other | Type of blockage: Whole Tree | Comments: Tree fell into house. Police not sure if this is private or city tree. Notified on call Jerry Carchedi apprx. 3:15pm on 08-04-2012 just as FYI. Will notify Jerry...
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Resolved. private tree on private property. - about 8 years ago #101000460337

Tree Emergencies at 1180 1200 Washington St, Unit 206, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

What public way is blocked: Other | The police on the scene: No | Type of blockage: Branch | Limb/branch broken, but still attached to the tree: Yes | Comments: large hanger located inside franklin square over water fountain
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Resolved. done by tree crew 7-19-10. - about 10 years ago #101000159418


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