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Illegal Dumping at 141 Sydney St, Dorchester

Mattress and other residential trash dumped in the backyard. | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. A ticket was issued for improper storage of trash on the property. - about 16 hours ago #101003876803

Illegal Dumping at 17 Saint Marks Rd, Dorchester

Someone dropped off a fridge with doors still attached in front of this address. Fridge doesn't belong to resident at this address. | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. Ticket issued for overgrown weeds and improper storage of trash. - about 16 hours ago #101003876109

Illegal Dumping at 155 Northampton St, Roxbury

Dumpster in back side of the building. Culprit's name is Evan Museatel and lives at 605 Massachusetts Ave APT 8Boston, MA 02118 Items are Huge cardboard boxes |
CLOSED Resolved. Cited for illegal dumping. - 1 day ago #101003875917

Illegal Dumping at 155 Northampton St, Roxbury

CLOSED Resolved. Cited for illegal dumping of trash in 155 Northampton street dumpster. - 1 day ago #101003875901

Illegal Dumping at 119 121 Dorchester St, South Boston

Leftover items (wood, pipes, etc.) from road/utility work done in front of building, thrown into small alley between 119 Dorchester St. and Marion Manor staff parking lot. Please remove. |
CLOSED Resolved. No evidence as to who dumped construction on property. - 1 day ago #101003875338

Illegal Dumping at Intersection Of Saint James St & Regent St, Roxbury

constituent reports that someone dumped a bunch of tires here |
CLOSED Noted. Tires were sent for collection unable to cite no evidence found. - 2 days ago #101003875245

Illegal Dumping at 8 Vernon St, Hyde Park

Constituent is reporting that a car drove by and illegally dumped a mattress, a television and other trash in this area. | Witnessed incident: [Yes]
CLOSED Noted. Tv and 2 mattresses have been sent in for collection. - 2 days ago #101003874857

Illegal Dumping at 12 Claremont Park, 1, Roxbury

Residents from 14 Claremont Park are illegally dumping their trash into the barrels of the constituent at this address. Barrels are located in the rear alley of the property. Constituent witnessed them doing this and even has mail from th...
CLOSED Noted. Violation was issued. - 3 days ago #101003874177

Illegal Dumping at 250 Lexington St, East Boston

couches and other trash dumped on sidewalk | Witnessed incident: [Yes]
CLOSED Noted. Ticket has been issued by Code Enforcement. - 3 days ago #101003874024

Illegal Dumping at Intersection Of Rexford St & Rockway St, Mattapan

Constituent wants PWD to speak to the works at this location and tell them to stop dumping construction materials | Witnessed incident: [Yes] Case related to commercial waste: [Unknown]
CLOSED Noted. Build up of construction debris. - 3 days ago #101003873649

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