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Rodent Sighting at 33 Cunard St, Apt 1, Mission Hill

Rat ran out from under my car tonight. It doesn't help that there is lots of litter in the gutters on both sides of Cunard St. In addition to pest control, could public works make a stop to clean up this street? Thanks!
OPENED 37 minutes ago #H298958-101002853513

Rodent Sighting at 1721 Centre St, West Roxbury

Rats observed tonight going into the garage on centre street across from 7-11. House associated with this property is vacant. There is a hole in the bottom of the garage door and dozens of rats were seen. Thank you.
OPENED about 3 hours ago #101002853479

Rodent Sighting at 20 Chase St, Dorchester

Number of rats: 3 | Rat bites: No | Rats in the house: No | Rats outside of property: Yes | What is the nature of the problem? : Constituent reported seeing 3 rats near the hydrant and thinks that someone is feeding the rats rice and brea...
OPENED about 5 hours ago #H298955-101002853445

Rodent Sighting at Intersection Of Cabot St & Tremont St, Mission Hill

Dead rat in the middle of the street on Tremont
OPENED about 5 hours ago #H298954-101002853439

Rodent Sighting at 20 Delle Ave, 1, Mission Hill

Attached lot belonging to the neighbors had rat holes due to the fact they have had trash and refuse filling the lot for so long .
OPENED about 5 hours ago #H298953-101002853432
Rodent Sighting at 20 Delle Ave, 1, Mission Hill

Rodent Sighting at 1972 Centre St, West Roxbury

Multiple Rats in garage So much rat activity
OPENED about 6 hours ago #H298952-101002853404

Rodent Sighting at 983 Bennington St, East Boston

Mouse inside New Saigon restaurant. Saw it crawl between diners feet. Noticed possible mouse droppings on table.
OPENED about 7 hours ago #101002853357

Rodent Sighting at 29 Fendale Ave, Dorchester

Seen some rats/mice because the neighbors doesn't clean up after themselves and leaves open trash!
OPENED 1 day ago #H298936-101002852827

Rodent Sighting at 42.32N 71.11W

Dead rat in road on Forbes street
OPENED 1 day ago #H298934-101002852743

Rodent Sighting at 1910 Dorchester Ave Dorchester

Building consists of two residential addresses: 1910 Dorchester Avenue & 1916 Dorchester Avenue. 1910 Dorchester Avenue has two floors of condominium units. 1916 Dorchester Avenue has 4 floors of apartments. Building has been experiencing...
OPENED 2 days ago #H298920-101002852416

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