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Other at Intersection Of Montgomery St & W Canton St

Contractor has posted no parking signs that take up at least 6 spaces - from 162 to 152 West Canton- relating time a job at 158 West Canton, and have posted in front of 155 West Canton as well, also relating to 158. They have tied up thes...
OPENED 13 minutes ago #101003103815

Other at 972 Bennington St, East Boston

Missed trash & recycling yesterday. Entire block was missed.
CLOSED Case Noted. Trash is a day late due to holiday this week. - 21 minutes ago #101003103589

Other at 20 Kenton Rd, 4, Jamaica Plain

Again, more construction debris dumped in the back yard of 20 Kenton. This has been going on for a year. It must stop.
OPENED 22 minutes ago #101003103790
Other at 20 Kenton Rd, 4, Jamaica Plain

Other at 7 Euclid St, Dorchester

Street cleaning
CLOSED Case Noted. This is a posted street swept every Wednesday 1st & 3rd between 8am and 12noon we have many streets to clean in District we will keep eyes on street apologize for any inconvenience thank you for your patience. - 26 minutes ago #101003103524

Other at 4 Linden St, South Boston

Iimproper storage construction debris
CLOSED Case Noted. Was cited for construction debris and was sent for collection. - 27 minutes ago #101003103335

Other at 241c Perkins St, Jamaica Plain

Could signs be put up at Jamaica Pond staying Do Not Fed the Animals
CLOSED Case Resolved. - 28 minutes ago #101002953759
Other at 241c Perkins St, Jamaica Plain

Other at Highland Park

Fountain in Highland Park is still on, now leaking after recent freeze. Needs to be winterized
OPENED 38 minutes ago #101003103763
Other at Highland Park

Other at 43 45 Myrtlebank Ave, Dorchester

Refrigerator out for trash pick up
CLOSED Case Noted. No violation found at this time, refridgerator has been removed. - 39 minutes ago #101003103542

Other at 18 Ada St Roslindale

The garbage company failed to pick up the trash and recycling from 18 ada st in roslindale ma 02131
CLOSED Case Resolved. Todays route due to holiday Monday. - 40 minutes ago #101003103393

Other at 11 Tennyson St, West Roxbury

Will our street have a street sweeper this week
CLOSED Case Resolved. Swept with sweeper. - 41 minutes ago #101003103470

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