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Other at 300 Park St

Fireworks everywhere. LOUD EXPLOSIONS. WTF?
OPENED 2 minutes ago #101003336808

Other at Healy Playground

Really loud fireworks... for hours.. same place every night... tonight and tomorrow maybe patrol this area as well as other areas reported every night for the past 6 weeks? Please!
OPENED 4 minutes ago #101003336807

Other at 97 P St, South Boston

Loud party outside after 10:30pm
OPENED 4 minutes ago #101003336806

Other at 11 Paisley Park Dorchester

Loud party at near 11 Paisley Park.Cant see the address exactly but you will when you get near. Amplified music, screaming. My kids need to sleep.
OPENED 11 minutes ago #101003336803

Other at 9 Winton St, Roslindale

It is so loud. People have kids trying to sleep. This is Party for an acre of land. It is is a small neighborhood.
OPENED 16 minutes ago #101003336799

Other at 500 1 City Hall Square

Bombs, loud explosives, IEDs Fireworks everywhere in Iraq section of Dorchester. Marty is hiding with the BPD in the bunker. There are so many people who are pissed Marty. Very pissed. This is anarchy so the only thing we can do is take...
OPENED 16 minutes ago #101003336801

Other at Intersection Of N Bennet St & Fleet St

Not social distancing
OPENED 27 minutes ago #101003336795

Other at 341 343 Hanover St

Tables aren't six feet away. Is anyone enforcing this?
OPENED 31 minutes ago #101003336793

Other at 1 Ward Ct, South Boston

Please send someone over to Ward Court. Loud fireworks explosions for at least two hours. I feel like I am living in the Middle East they sound like bombs.
OPENED 34 minutes ago #101003336792

Other at 9 Winton St, Roslindale

Loud music and it is too late for this.
OPENED about 1 hour ago #101003336784

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