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Tree Pruning at Boston Upper Washington / Spring Street Suffolk County

At the little league diamond near Stimson St., 1 large branch has fallen on and damaged the chain link fence at the 1st base side bench.
CLOSED Case Closed. Duplicate of Existing Case. Duplicate of case # 101002384616. The BPRD is aware of this issue. When the ground is dry the tree division will remove this branch. - about 1 hour ago #101002400148

Tree Pruning at 25 Cotton St Roslindale

There is a large broken branch hanging from another branch over the street/sidewalk. I am worried it will fall in the winds of today's storm. It needs to be removed
OPENED about 1 hour ago #101002402692

Tree Pruning at 3347 Washington St Jamaica Plain

tree fell into the back parking lot of police station. tree damaged fence and blocks a parking spot. Please have dangerous tree removed. tree fell from rear yard of 7 Greenley Place.
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Noted. There are no city owned trees at the address provided. - about 21 hours ago #101002400950

Tree Pruning at 3 Rendall Rd West Roxbury

Request removal of branches hanging down over the sidewalk and interfering with a light pole.
OPENED about 22 hours ago #101002402156

Tree Pruning at 26 Kenneth St West Roxbury

Cut/trim a city tree in front of 26 Kenneth Street, West Roxbury. This older oak tree sits in front of a constituents house and its limbs sit over their home and property. This tree has been groaning and has been dropping limbs/branches...
OPENED about 22 hours ago #101002402139

Tree Pruning at 15 Ashmont St Dorchester Center

why is this tree being removed? No public hearing for removal 15 Ashmont St
CLOSED Case Noted. There were no trees pruned or removed at the location provided in this case. - 1 day ago #101002400676
Tree Pruning at 15 Ashmont St Dorchester Center

Tree Pruning at 26p Beacon St

In boston common tree is dead
CLOSED Case Noted. For the BPRD to inspect for a dead tree in this park we need the specific location of where the tree is located or a picture of the tree and its surroundings. - 2 days ago #101002211089

Tree Pruning at 300 Gardner Street West Roxbury

On the lower level at Millennium Park in West Roxbury, on the path a along the river, multiple large trees down blocking the path.
CLOSED Case Resolved. The tree debris has been cleared so the pathway is accessible. The prior case closure was made in error. - 2 days ago #101002390924

Tree Pruning at 130 Mount Vernon St

GPS has wrong address - tree is at 129 Mount Vernon - 02108. Branches very close to gas lantern. May need pruning.
OPENED 2 days ago #101002401133
Tree Pruning at 130 Mount Vernon St

Tree Pruning at Copps Hill Terrace

Huge limbs down. I've gathered all I could and stacked it in a pile, but this large limb will require either more men or equipment to move.
OPENED 3 days ago #101002400316
Tree Pruning at Copps Hill Terrace

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