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Litter at 200 Ruskindale Rd Hyde Park

I'm replying to whomever answers to these post. The recycling was NOT fully serviced like you said below. There was at least 4 houses that did not get theirs picked up. I actually seen your guy pick up the recycling on the corner of roseb...
1 day ago

Litter at 112 118 Fulton St

Litter all over street
2 days ago
Litter at 112 118 Fulton St

Litter at 205 Ruskindale Rd, Hyde Park

Recycling was not picked up this weekend and there was already a complaint. It's fine if you can not get it until next weekend but don't say its not there when there is clearly other Recycling bins outside not picked up then say "have a n...
3 days ago

Litter at 16 Battery St North End

Girl throwing trash out up and down street. From 16 Battery Street
4 days ago

Litter at Oakmere St West Roxbury Boston

Please send a street sweeper. Our neighborhood has not been swept in months. For many years, sweepers would come through regularly, especially in the fall. I am not sure what has changed, but can this service be restored?
4 days ago

Litter at 75 Preble St Columbus Park / Andrew Square

Trash and recycling not picked up at 69 and 75 Preble
6 days ago

Litter at Newland St, Boston Ma 02118, United States

The alleyway is a mess, full of leaves and litter [submitted via]
6 days ago
Litter at Newland St, Boston Ma 02118, United States

Litter at 23 Hanson St, 1, Roxbury

Yard waste not picked up today. Was out since 11/21 evening.
8 days ago
Litter at 23 Hanson St, 1, Roxbury

Overflowing Trash Can at Intersection Of E Brookline St & Albany St, Roxbury

Trash can at corner of East Brookline and Albany has been removed. Please bring it back - it helps keep our street clean and litter free!
9 days ago

Overflowing Trash Can at 28 Coffey St Dorchester

Rats climbing on top of trash and sidewalk at this property right now. Barrels overflowing
9 days ago

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