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Dead Animal Pick-up at 124 Fuller St, Dorchester

Dead animal on sidewalk/roadway: Sidewalk | Details: next to the fire hydrant, in a shoe box | Type of animal: Cat | Date when animal seen: 12/18/2018 | Time when animal seen: 19:30
CLOSED Case Resolved. It's all set. - 1 minute ago #101002761001

Abandoned Vehicle at 10 Merlin St, Dorchester

Make of the abandoned car: AUDI | Model of the abandoned car: 4DR | Color of the abandoned car: BLACK | License Plate number if available: 7RNZ40 | License Plate State if available: MA | Additional Details/Comments: car hasn't moved in mo...
OPENED 7 minutes ago #101002761018

Schedule a Bulk Item Pickup at 135 Eustis St, Roxbury

Date of scheduled pickup: Thursday, December 20, 2018 Item requested for a collection: [TV (1) Air Conditioner (0) Refrigerator/Freezer (0) Water Cooler (0) Dehumidifier (0) Computer Monitor (0) | Trash day: Mon/Thurs | Curbside pickup or...
OPENED 9 minutes ago #101002761015

Other at 521 Tremont St

Why has all this parking been removed? Tremont Street is already overrun with valets. Some of the spots removed were HP. Did the Mayor's disabilities commission sign off on this? Not happy with this administration's view of neighborhood s...
OPENED 11 minutes ago #101002761016
Other at 521 Tremont St

Roadway Plowing/Salting at 65 Tenean St, Dorchester

Additional details: There is a leaking hydrant at this address that has caused significant icing on the street. Notified BW&S
OPENED 12 minutes ago #101002761014

Fire Hydrant at 65 Tenean St, Dorchester

Request Type: Damaged | Details: the hydrant is leaking and causing an ice dam on the street. Also notified DPW for salt and sand
OPENED 16 minutes ago #101002761013

Missed Trash or Recycling at 14 Union Park St, 1, Roxbury

Scheduled trash day: Tues/Fri() | How was your trash placed out for collection: Trash bag | Curbside pickup or an alley: Curb Side Pickup | Additional information: Constituent reports trash AND recycling missed today
OPENED 16 minutes ago #101002761009

Illegal Parking at Intersection Of E First St & W First St, South Boston

Car blocking fire hydrant
OPENED 17 minutes ago #101002761011

Overflowing Trash Can at 5 Annapolis St, 1, Dorchester

Trash cans at 5 Annapolis Street (maybe all units) are typically overflowing with their lids on the ground. The trash cans are stored in the alley next to the sidewalk and are a food supply for neighborhood rats. Please require cans to ha...
OPENED 17 minutes ago #101002761012
Overflowing Trash Can at 5 Annapolis St, 1, Dorchester

Illegal Parking at 390 402 W First St, South Boston

Car with Vermont plates has been parked in resident parking for over a week without getting a ticket.
OPENED 18 minutes ago #101002761010

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