Other at 237-243 Faneuil St, Brighton

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Submitted Feb 17, 2017

I own a business at 243 Faneuil Street and I have a two hour parking limit in front of my store. There are two cars parked in front of my store since 7:30 am. It is very hard for me to conduct my business when people park their cars all day in a two hour limit spot. Please send someone as soon as possible to monitor this parking situation. I would greatly appreciate it. The user entered the address: 237-243 Faneuil St, Brighton, MA 02135, USA to see more details visit: http://seeclickfix.com/issues/3215834

address: 237 243 Faneuil St, Brighton

coordinates x,y: 748073.8815799089, 2953792.066828993

coordinates lat,lng: 42.3528537073797, -71.1599849121088

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