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Someone discards large amounts of restaurant and bakery food on the ground along Valentin Way between Haverhill and Beverley Streets. I'm sure she thinks she's feeding the birds, but it really adds to the rat problem in this neighborhood. I have seen discards that include deli salads such as tuna and chicken with mayonnaise, whole prepared sandwiches, vegetable salads, cookies, raw slices of meat and bone, two whole raw turkeys, and loaves of bread. Some of the food is so greasy that it stained the sidewalks for months. Not sure what kind of birds she has in mind, but I can tell you that it only exacerbates the rat problem caused by the mild winter and by the excavation at this location and at the lower block of Friend Street.

address: Intersection Of Haverhill St & Surface Artery Rd, Boston

coordinates x,y: 775290.3453600848, 2958242.3187686717

coordinates lat,lng: 42.36472348858565, -71.05921282441159

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Fri Jul 06, 2012 08:00pm
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